Aluminum Protection with ALUPROTEX in Moncton, NB

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Protect Your Aluminum with ALUPROTEX by Shiny Trucks Detailing Inc.

We specialize in preserving the brilliance and integrity of your aluminum surfaces in Moncton, NB. Our flagship product, ALUPROTEX, is designed to provide exceptional protection, ensuring your aluminum stays shiny and new for over a decade.


ALUPROTEX offers superior protection for all your aluminum parts, whether they're on trucks, trailers, flatbeds, or live bottom trailers. With a lifespan of at least 10 years, it forms a robust barrier against environmental damage, keeping corrosion and oxidation at bay while maintaining the original shine.

Versatility Across Applications

ALUPROTEX isn't limited to trucks and trailers. It's also perfect for preserving the appearance and structural integrity of flatbeds, live bottom trailers, non-polished aluminum surfaces, and even marine equipment like boats and pontoons.

Ultimate Long-Lasting Protection for Various Surfaces

ALUPROTEX isn't just for aluminum—it's suitable for a wide range of hard surfaces, including metals, plastics, gelcoats, lacquered, and mineral surfaces. This comprehensive protective coating offers long-term durability and maintains a high-gloss effect, ensuring surfaces look vibrant and new.

Advantages of Using ALUPROTEX

  • Shiny Trucks Detailing Inc - Icon Square Simplifies Maintenance: ALUPROTEX makes cleaning a breeze, saving you time and effort.
  • Shiny Trucks Detailing Inc - Icon Square Shields Against Chemical Damage:  Protects against graffiti and other chemical attacks.
  • Shiny Trucks Detailing Inc - Icon Square Prevents Corrosion/Oxidation:  Extends the life of your aluminum by preventing corrosion and oxidation.
  • Shiny Trucks Detailing Inc - Icon Square UV Protection:  Guards against bleaching and yellowing caused by UV exposure.
  • Shiny Trucks Detailing Inc - Icon Square Long-Lasting High-Gloss Effect:  Delivers a durable, high-gloss finish that keeps surfaces looking vibrant.
  • Shiny Trucks Detailing Inc - Icon Square Restores Discolored Surfaces: Restores surfaces to their original brilliance.

Experience the ALUPROTEX Difference

At Shiny Trucks Detailing Inc., we're dedicated to providing top-quality aluminum protection solutions. Our partnership with ensures you have access to the latest protective technology, enhancing the durability and resistance of your aluminum surfaces.
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Protect Your Aluminum Surfaces Today

Choosing ALUPROTEX means choosing peace of mind for your aluminum assets. Contact Shiny Trucks Detailing Inc. today to learn how ALUPROTEX can safeguard your vehicles, equipment, or marine vessels, ensuring they remain in pristine condition for over a decade.
Shiny Trucks Detailing Inc -  Aluminum Protection
Shiny Trucks Detailing Inc - Aluminum Protection

Ready to give your aluminum the care it deserves?

Ready to give your aluminum the care it deserves? Reach out to Shiny Trucks Detailing Inc. for expert advice and exceptional service. Our team is here to guide you in choosing the best protection solution for your needs. Don't wait—ensure your aluminum maintains its pristine condition with ALUPROTEX!

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